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K-6 Comprehensive Literacy Program Enables Students to Access Complex Text

Benchmark Literacy is a research-proven solution aligned to Common Core Standards and empowering both experienced teachers and beginning teachers with:

  • 30 weeks of explicit comprehension-focused lessons for the whole class, small groups, and intervention
  • Assessment-driven instruction that is differentiated and includes responding to text
  • Gradual release and built-in choice that support student progress and teacher creativity
  • Precisely leveled texts for your full range of students, including ELs and striving readers
  • Leveled Reader's Theater and diverse genres that engage students and extend learning
  • Research-based resources and professional development that have been proven effective
  • Interactive technology that motivates student learning, involvement, and excellence

What Administrators in Research Studies Had to Say:

"Your program is wonderful. Absolutely helpful and effective at all grade levels. The training was excellent! All basals will be taken out of school today."
Sheila Higginbotham
Dixie Elementary School,
Tyler, TX
"The Benchmark Education program made a very positive impact on the development of our teachers in differentiating instruction. We saw improvement in our students' literacy and language acquisition as measured on independent and state assessments. There were noticeable gains in the percentage of students who scored "At/Above Proficient" on the state reading test for students in the program this past year."
Debbie A. Kaprove
Assistant Superintendent,
East Hartford Public Schools
"After a year of using the materials, and participating in perhaps the best ongoing professional development I have ever seen, our third grade students posted the highest scores on the mastery test since its inception in 2006."
Scott J. Nozik
O'Connell Elementary School,
East Hartford, CT

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